We offer two different services – GPS tracking (Tracker + Beacon) and job tracking (App). Use one or both of them depending on your needs.

GPS Tracking

pricing-gps-tracker GPS Tracker
For vehicles (tractors, trucks etc.)
pricing-gps-tracker Beacon
For implements (drills, trailers ect.)


  • GPS tracking
  • Field profitability
  • Machine statistics
  • Scheduled maintenance (coming soon)

Job tracking

pricing-app App


  • Job planning
  • Time tracking
  • Health and safety checks
  • Offline mode
  • Payroll
  • Storage management
  • Invoicing

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  • GPS trackers for farm equipment and heavy machinery
  • Job tracking and planning
  • Storage management
  • Health and safety checklist
  • ERP integration

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Anders Knudsen Head of sales & co-founder