Proof of work is essential

Heavy machinery is often necessary for forest contracting, and the operating cost tempts to be high when the 'beast' is crunching or cutting down trees. Therefore it is vital to have clear communication with the operator to ensure that machine productivity stays high during the workday. “Where to go”, “whom to contact”, and “where to get started” are questions you do not want your operator to spent too much time on.

As a forest contractor, there is often a high requirement for documentation and proof of work, demands that can be challenging to live up to. And not to mention the responsibility to keep your employees safe while working in the field.

“It has been a great relief to replace our paper job sheets with the FarmBackup Task app.”

Vemb Forestry, Forest contractor

Follow your operation everywhere

Clear communication and easy but precise job recording are what you need to accomplish the above - and with FarmBackup you can achieve just that. With our app, the operator can see a map of where the work is agreed to get started. With our live timer, the operator can easily switch between “preparation”, “travelling”, and “effective time”, and if time outside the machine is required, they simply change the timer to “man-hours”. This flexible way of time registration will also make invoicing extremely easy and accurate.

Curious to see if everyone is in the right location and afraid to leave the machinery unattended, our GPS trackers are the way to go. Not only can you see live where each piece of machinery is located right now, but using our playback function, you can go back in time and see how a job was performed. Interested in knowing the operating cost of completing a specific task, we give you the full picture as well. All you need to do is mark the forests that you are working in - then our software will do the rest and deliver a specific report showing the number of hours spent inside the forest, including the transport hours.


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“We have eliminated errors, and we don't have to constantly collect paper notes, as everything is ready and organized online”

Vemb Forestry, Forest contractor

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