GPS and job tracking for farmers and contractors

Track all your machines in real time with GPS trackers and let your operators add job details from our app.

FarmBackup is the leading provider of GPS tracking for mixed fleets.

Use our GPS tracker for any vehicle such as tractors, trucks and self-propelled machinery.

Use the Bluetooth Beacon for implements such as trailers, cultivators, mowers, drills etc.

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Heine Kjeldgaard_flag Denmark
Heine Kjeldgaard_avatar
Heine Kjeldgaard
Arable and pig farmer
Data collection is automated with GPS trackers

“Using GPS trackers, I can ensure that everything is registered automatically, regardless of who is driving. We can now see whether leased fields pay off in terms of the use of machines, whether the machines are a good or bad business to own, whether any tasks should be subcontracted and whether changes should be made to the machine fleet.”

Adam Preston_flag UK
Adam Preston_avatar
Adam Preston
Agricultural Contractor
It does exactly what it says on the tin

“After watching a 5-minute training video and having the freedom to try out the app during the free trial period, we all embraced the system. Our busy and wide-ranging contracting business has undoubtedly benefited from this system, and I would happily recommend it”

Daryl Thompson_flag New Zealand
Daryl Thompson_avatar
Daryl Thompson
Our staff got comfortable using Task very quickly

“We are very happy with FarmBackup Task and how it's working. There are several ways to customize the system, and among other things, we have been pleased with the integration of our invoicing system that has saved us many hours in the office. With anything new, there is always an education period, but our staff got comfortable using the app very quickly.”

James Enderby_flag UK
James Enderby_avatar
James Enderby
A hassle-free way to collect data

“FarmBackup Task has been incredibly helpful within our busy contracting business. It has hugely minimised time spent collecting and sorting job sheets and allows for a much more accurate and hassle-free way to collect this data. We find the team at FarmBackup incredibly helpful; they are efficient in answering any queries we may have and have been very supportive throughout our set up process. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move forward with their business in a much sleeker and efficient way.”

Alastair Kalin_flag New Zealand
Alastair Kalin_avatar
Alastair Kalin
So happy I found Task

“For a long time, a digital job sheet based on agriculture and our needs has been missing. With the new app, we get a tailor-made tool that helps us keep track of today's tasks. Since it's all digital, I'll never be worried about overlooking or losing a job sheet again. Our experience with FarmBackup Task is really positive.”

Michael Nielsen_flag Denmark
Michael Nielsen_avatar
Michael Nielsen
Pig farmer
It works perfectly

“We chose FarmBackup Task to give our employees an easy way to track time. I fully recommend the system. It works perfectly.”

Anders Hansen_flag Denmark
Anders Hansen_avatar
Anders Hansen
Ease of mind

“With FarmBackup Task I trust that I have all the correct data for invoicing and payroll. It takes away an enormous workload but more importantly, it eases my mind knowing that the system eliminates mistakes that I usually had to deal with every day.”

Simon Ludvigen_flag Denmark
Simon Ludvigen_avatar
Simon Ludvigen
Anyone can figure out using Task

“One thing we particularly appreciate is the simplicity of FarmBackup Task system. The employees in the workshop and in the field get their hours recorded correctly and on time, and in the office, invoicing and payroll have become much easier.”

Tabitha Bundgaard_flag Denmark
Tabitha Bundgaard_avatar
Tabitha Bundgaard
No-till arable farm
Access to machine costs at the field level

Data collection and its analysis require a lot of energy and time. FarmBackup Task is a tool that helps us collect the necessary data at the field and machine level and calculate the actual costs, including transportation to and from the fields.

Mette Madsen_flag Denmark
Mette Madsen_avatar
Mette Madsen
Forestry Contractor
User-friendliness and support at the highest level

“We are incredibly happy with FarmBackup. The system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially thanks to their efficient search functions. After implementing FarmBackup's GPS solution, we have achieved a significantly better overview of our machinery and their daily projects. The staff at FarmBackup are extremely friendly and helpful, and they are always ready to assist us with any problems or questions. We highly recommend FarmBackup to other companies.”

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