FarmBackup Task

Time tracking for farmers and contractors

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Keep all data in one place to manage your company and employees with ease.
Task eliminates the paper job sheet and gives you instant data transfer between the office and the workforce.

We integrate with the most commonly used accounting and tracking software.

John Deere

Time tracking customised to suit your needs

No two companies are alike. FarmBackup Task is therefore 100% customisable to meet the needs of your business, no matter if you are a farmer, contractor or something entirely different.

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User-friendly app for mobile and tablet

Afraid of introducing new technology to your employees? Don’t be. The oldest user of FarmBackup Task is 70 years old and gets the time tracking right every time.

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Tired of incomplete job sheets and spending too many hours coordinating your employees? Try FarmBackup Task and get back in the driving seat. It is easy, affordable and time-saving.

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Trusted by farmers and contractors all over the world

Keld Kjærsgaard
Farmer & contractor
Better overview and correct data

“Our experience with FarmBackup Task is really positive. Before Task, I handed over tasks on paper or verbally - now it is all on the mobile, which gives great certainty for me and my employees.”

Anders Hansen
Ease of mind

“With FarmBackup Task I trust that I have all the correct data for invoicing and payroll. It takes away an enormous workload but more importantly, it eases my mind knowing that the system eliminates mistakes that I usually had to deal with every day.”

Björn Bülow
Easy to get started

“My employees have been asking for the system. They wanted to get rid of the traditional paper job sheets and replace them with the app. The transformation from paper to FarmBackup Task has been easy and we are very happy.”

Alastair Kalin
New Zealand
So happy I found Task

“For a long time, a digital job sheet based on agriculture and our needs has been missing. With the new app, we get a tailor-made tool that helps us keep track of today's tasks. Since it's all digital, I'll never be worried about overlooking or losing a job sheet again. Our experience with FarmBackup Task is really positive.”

Michael Nielsen
Pig farmer
It works perfectly

“We chose FarmBackup Task to give our employees an easy way to track time. I fully recommend the system. It works perfectly.”

John Steele & Son
Ag contractor
United Kingdom
Every contractor should use this system

“They really put effort into helping us to get going with the system, and I must say they’ve done a great job on this app.”

Daryl Thompson
New Zealand
Our staff got comfortable using Task very quickly

“We are very happy with FarmBackup Task and how it's working. There are several ways to customize the system, and among other things, we have been pleased with the integration of our invoicing system that has saved us many hours in the office. With anything new, there is always an education period, but our staff got comfortable using the app very quickly.”

James Enderby
Ag contractor
United Kingdom
A hassle-free way to collect data

“FarmBackup Task has been incredibly helpful within our busy contracting business. It has hugely minimised time spent collecting and sorting job sheets and allows for a much more accurate and hassle-free way to collect this data. We find the team at FarmBackup incredibly helpful; they are efficient in answering any queries we may have and have been very supportive throughout our set up process. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move forward with their business in a much sleeker and efficient way.”