Delivering everything you need to invoice is what we are specialised in. Once a job sheet has been submitted, it is ready to be invoiced on your admin account, and if you have multiple job sheets for the same job, no problem, we will sum up everything and give you the total number of hours, bales, hectares, m3 etc.

ERP integrations

We are integrated with some of the biggest ERP systems, and new integrations will be added continuously. Once you integrate your account with one of our partners, data from Task will flow directly into your ERP system with only a few clicks - saving you a ton of office hours by cutting out all the copy-pasting.

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No ERP integration

If we don’t have an integration to your ERP system or you are simply not using an ERP system, you will benefit from the ability to export all the data to either PDF or excel. You simply decide what to be exported, and we will deliver you the data in a simple overview.

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