Job planning

Planning the workday can make life easier for you and your employees. As an employer, you will save time communicating with your employees, explaining what to do, where to go and when to start - it will all be presented in the app and appear in the to-do list. As an employee, it will create structure and prevent mistakes once everything is organised when the day begins.


As an administrator, you can always see when an employee has registered illness, vacation, or a day off as it can simply be added by the employee from the app. If the office is responsible for entering this information, it can be managed from your admin page on behalf of the employee.


(Shared) to-do

Each employee will have a personal to-do list on their phone. Here they can check what has been planned for the future or if any task has been forgotten. A scheduled task can always be pushed to a co-worker if it fits better for someone else to perform a job.

If the person in charge of a task is unknown, it is possible to allocate a job as a shared to-do. The shared to-do makes it easy for everyone to see what jobs are pending, and a job can be claimed by anyone available.

Daily plan template

Some days might look the same for an employee, and to help you save time, we have a “Daily plan template” builder, allowing you to copy and paste multiple job sheets to one or more employees with just a single click.

Daily plan template_image

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