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Besides everyone using trucks, the transport industry varies a lot. Most companies find their niche (biogas, moving bales, dirt and gravel, grain, slurry etc.), and other companies will offer an extensive variety of services which could be dependent on the season - moving arable goods in the summer and snow clearing in the winter. Equal to them all is that they spent the most time driving the truck. Depending on what the trailer is loaded with, the need for registration will vary from calculating a load of forage to the number of trips to and from a field in the slurry spreading season.

The transport industry contains a lot of regulations and rules to protect the driver and the driver's surroundings. That being in terms of extra pay to the operator when working outside regular hours to pre-safety-checks before leaving the premises with truck and trailer.

Having a transport business, it’s likely that you will unhook containers, trailers or bales for a limited period, but remembering where they were left can be a challenge once it’s time to pick them up again.

“My employees have been asking for the system. They wanted to get rid of the traditional paper job sheets and replace them with the app”

Bjørn Bülow, Transport company

Keep track of everything with FarmBackup

Using FarmBackup Task, we will help you to register every job to the level of detail that suits your company. With our app, you can do all the manual registration to capture all job details. The app will also supply the operator with job descriptions and turn-by-turn directions. And using our pre-start-safety check, you never need to worry if the operators remember to check the machinery before leaving the garage. Installing our GPS tracking devices allows you to see where all trucks are located and where they have been. Leaving a trailer/container behind, we will also save the last know location, making it easy for the office staff and the operator to track down what is needed/missing. Installing trackers will also help to document proof of work/place in situations where that is required.


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“The transformation from paper to FarmBackup Task has been easy, and we are very happy.”

Bjørn Bülow, Transport company

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