Specialty crops

Optimise the value of your crops

Carrots, asparagus, kiwis - the list of special crops is long, and the thing that makes them special is that the unit values are high. An operation of special crops often involves a large number of employees and machinery that will require a large number of resources to administrate, coordinate and track.

Keeping a profitable special crop business requires focusing on all aspects, from maintaining the equipment to knowing your operating cost per field, not to forget payroll hours per employee.

Focus on all aspects of the business

Using FarmBackup will give you an all-in-one system, taking care of everything above, including a fully automated GPS tracking system to provide you with a unique insight on your machinery cost at crop and field level. Once the trackers are installed, we will instantly track work inside and outside the fields, knowing precisely the amount of time spent on each field. Our interactive map will also show you the location of each tractor, harvester, trailer etc., and with our playback function, you can see what happened 10, 12 or 24 hours ago or even go back and see how you planted a field the previous year.

Using our checklists will allow you to guide employees before starting a job or operating a machine. And if they find a cracked window or a field with dried-out areas, this can be reported instantly to the office.


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