GPS tracking

FarmBackup is the leading provider of GPS tracking for mixed fleets. We have developed plug-and-play GPS hardware for vehicles (tractors, trucks, harvesters, wheel loaders etc.) and implements such as trailers, cultivators, seeders, balers etc.

GPS tracker

Our trackers fit all types of machines across all brands. Installation is simple and requires no special technical skills. The trackers are dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating, which allows you to place them anywhere on the machine. All trackers come with a pre-installed sim card that works with both 2G and 4G. The 128 MB internal memory allows the tracker to collect data for up to 30 days in areas without an internet connection and upload the data when a connection is re-established.

GPS tracker_image

Live map

Avoid calling your employees to ask for their location or how far they are with the job. Just check the live map on your desktop or mobile to see where all machines are located. Everything is real-time, as the map is updated every second. A trail is also added to each machine, making it easy to see where they have been and where they are heading. The feature is useful when you need to find a specific machine in the field for refuelling, repair, lunch delivery, or in case of an emergency.

Route playback

Avoid arguments with clients or employees over time spent on a specific job. The route playback feature gives you undisputable proof-of-work documentation for any job with a machine involved. Use it also to see if machines are travelling the fastest route or if you have logistical bottlenecks.

GPS tracker for farm equipment

Advanced algorithms will automatically calculate the exact time each machine has spent working in a field. Travelling time to and from the field is also calculated by the algorithms. This gives you an overview of the exact machine-related cost for each field. Use this information to reveal unprofitable fields and crops.

GPS tracker for farm equipment_image

Mobile GPS tracking

As an alternative to using the tracking devices, it is also possible to use the geolocation of the mobile. This is an excellent way of knowing where employees are located - which could be relevant when coordinating the delivering of lunch or evening meals or simply estimating when an employee is returning from a field by looking at the map. The mobil GPS can not replace the functionality of the GPS hardware and is limited to showing an employee's location.

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