GPS tracking

FarmBackup is the leading provider of GPS tracking for mixed fleets. We have developed plug-and-play GPS hardware for vehicles (tractors, trucks, harvesters, wheel loaders etc.) and implements such as trailers, cultivators, seeders, balers etc.



History route playback for proof-of-work documentation

details_Real-time fleet monitoring

Real-time fleet monitoring

Live map of all machines for desktop and mobile – updates every second

details_Fits any machine

Fits any machine

Perfect for mixed fleets as trackers fit any type of machine

details_Plug & play installation

Plug & play installation

No special technical skills required to install the trackers

details_Field analysis

Field analysis

Import your field boundaries and see the time spent in each field

details_Theft protection

Theft protection

Track your vehicles in case of theft

Track all machines

Use our plug-and-play GPS devices to track the whereabouts of your vehicles and implements.


GPS Tracker


Ideal for any vehicle (tractor, truck, car, combine, ATV etc.)


Robust water and dustproof casing (IP67 rating)


Internal memory for data backup in case of no internet


Easy connection to the vehicle's battery with U-form connectors


2G and 4G secure good connectivity – even in rural areas


Pre-installed sim card with data is included in subscription




Ideal for any implement (trailer, cultivator, seeder etc.)


Robust water and dustproof casing (IP67 rating)


Long-lifetime battery (+5 years)


Attach to implement with screws or strip


Bluetooth Low Energy technology


Works only in combination with our GPS tracker


60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product

Trusted by people all over the world

James Enderby_flag UK
James Enderby_avatar
James Enderby
A hassle-free way to collect data

“FarmBackup Task has been incredibly helpful within our busy contracting business. It has hugely minimised time spent collecting and sorting job sheets and allows for a much more accurate and hassle-free way to collect this data. We find the team at FarmBackup incredibly helpful; they are efficient in answering any queries we may have and have been very supportive throughout our set up process. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move forward with their business in a much sleeker and efficient way.”

Alastair Kalin_flag New Zealand
Alastair Kalin_avatar
Alastair Kalin
So happy I found Task

“For a long time, a digital job sheet based on agriculture and our needs has been missing. With the new app, we get a tailor-made tool that helps us keep track of today's tasks. Since it's all digital, I'll never be worried about overlooking or losing a job sheet again. Our experience with FarmBackup Task is really positive.”

Michael Nielsen_flag Denmark
Michael Nielsen_avatar
Michael Nielsen
Pig farmer
It works perfectly

“We chose FarmBackup Task to give our employees an easy way to track time. I fully recommend the system. It works perfectly.”

GPS tracker

Our trackers fit all types of machines across all brands. Installation is simple and requires no special technical skills. The trackers are dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating, which allows you to place them anywhere on the machine. All trackers come with a pre-installed sim card that works with both 2G and 4G. The 128 MB internal memory allows the tracker to collect data for up to 30 days in areas without an internet connection and upload the data when a connection is re-established.

GPS tracker_image

Live map

Avoid calling your employees to ask for their location or how far they are with the job. Just check the live map on your desktop or mobile to see where all machines are located. Everything is real-time, as the map is updated every second. A trail is also added to each machine, making it easy to see where they have been and where they are heading. The feature is useful when you need to find a specific machine in the field for refuelling, repair, lunch delivery, or in case of an emergency.

Route playback

Avoid arguments with clients or employees over time spent on a specific job. The route playback feature gives you undisputable proof-of-work documentation for any job with a machine involved. Use it also to see if machines are travelling the fastest route or if you have logistical bottlenecks.

Track time spent in each field

Advanced algorithms will automatically calculate the exact time each machine has spent working in a field. Travelling time to and from the field is also calculated by the algorithms. This gives you an overview of the exact machine-related cost for each field. Use this information to reveal unprofitable fields and crops.

Track time spent in each field_image

Follow your machines from mobile, tablet, and desktop

Real-time updates of your machine's position are an essential tool for better coordination of your work. A live map of your fleet is available on mobile, tablet and desktop to give you access to the information you need – no matter where you are.

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