Livestock farm

Managing a large team has never been easier

Running a livestock farm, you often have a large workforce, a workforce you need to ensure is doing the right things at the right time with as few mistakes as possible. Your team might change often, and the need for guidance will constantly vary depending on the level of experience of each employee.

We have worked closely with livestock farms and designed a system to embrace all the above. And besides offering job tracking for the guys in the stable, we have an advanced setup to track everything in the fields as well. A system combining fully automated tracking hardware installed on all machines/implements and our app to handle any manual registration. Learn more about our arable farm setup on the dedicated subpage.

“We have different properties that we work between, and using FarmBackup gives us an overview to see what everyone is doing”

Jan Lildholdt, Pig farmer

Track time in the stable and on field level

Using FarmBackup will allow you to be on top of everything happening today and what will be handled tomorrow, the day after and so forth. Our daily plan feature allows you to build and save a workday, e.g. “Daily routine - Mondays”, which could include five different jobs. This plan can be duplicated to one or multiple employees with just a few clicks. Besides adding and scheduling a workday, you can also add a checklist to each job - e.g. “Did you remember to turn on the ventilation?” Yes / No / N/A.

Planning the workday and applying a checklist will assure that you as a manager or boss can have peace of mind knowing that all employees got a daily plan with guidance. The outcome will be fewer calls from employees, a decrease in mistakes and an attractive workplace for existing and potential new employees.


Health and safety checks

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Job planning

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Storage management

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Time tracking

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“Being digital with our job registration, we eliminate a lot of paperwork and keep all data in one safe place.”

Jan Lildholdt, Pig farmer

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