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Many arable farms are seeking tools to track what has been done during a work day. This could either be per employee or on machinery level. Some use pen and paper or alternative digital solutions to track this data. However, tracking sufficient accurate data can be very complex on a farm since a lot can change due to weather, breakdowns or other unforeseen factors. And then, of course, the matter of being extremely busy during peak seasons with little time available for job tracking.

With more than six years of experience, we know how to overcome the above obstacles and deliver a solution that suits operators and decision-makers.

“We are happy to keep everything in one system to make life simple for the office and the employees.”

Thomas Krag, Birktoft farm

Use our GPS technology to track your fieldwork

When you are an arable farm, we understand the importance of tracking machinery hours on a crop and field level. And we know that this could never happen if the responsibility is put on the individual operator. To overcome this, we have built a GPS tracking system that you easily install on every piece of machinery, which will automatically start tracking from the second it is installed. The GPS tracker requires zero attention from the operator, and we automatically detect when the machine is in transport mode vs working in the field - we even know when the vehicle is tracking idle hours.

Unfortunately, you can't track everything automatically using our GPS trackers, so we have built an app to track all hours outside the vehicle. Besides tracking payroll hours and maintenance, the app allows the operator to register inventory, complete safety checks and issue reporting.


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“Even if we don't see each other daily, we can easily see what everyone has been doing.”

Thomas Krag, Birktoft farm

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