Learn more about the advantages of choosing Task

Switch between Administrator and Operator to see the most significant app and web features.

Highly customisable

No two companies are alike. FarmBackup Task is therefore fully customisable and allows you to add new products, change categories, add employees etc.

Allocate and schedule tasks

Organise your job sheets in advance to have the full overview of who is supposed to what and when. You can always re-allocate a job sheet if the daily plan has changed.

Live overview of workforce

Be on top of what your workforce is doing. With the live overview, you can always see what operators are doing right now. Are they at the right client? Is someone having a breakdown? Or is an operator returning from a task?

Easy invoicing

All data is presented in a way that allows for quick and easy invoicing. Combine multiple job sheets with just a few clicks and get a full summary of all your data.

Seamless invoicing integrations

Correct and seamless invoicing is essential to your business. We are, therefore integrating to the most commonly used invoicing systems like QuickBooks and Xero.

Salary overview

With our salary overview, you can see how much each employee is working and when and what type of absence they have had.

Salary agreements

Set up salary agreements for your employees and let the system calculate overtime, weekend compensations etc. Getting the data for payroll right has never been easier.

Detailed data on machine usage

Track the usage and monitor the rentability of all your machines.

Field overview

Get an overview of your own and your client's fields. Upload a shapefile or draw the boundaries with our easy-to-use drawing tools. Once a field is added, your employees can access it from the app to get turn by turn directions, as well as see the size of the field.