Field profitability

Every experienced farmer has a gut feeling about whether a field is profitable, but is that enough knowledge to make quality decisions and not lose the oversight when you need to consider every job done in the field and the costs of travel? A field comes in various shapes and conditions, and the distance between the farm and the field can vary greatly. We can help you make the right decision every time based on data.

Track all working hours in the field

Accurately tracking your work hours inside a field manually is close to impossible due to the human incapability of remembering to record every time you enter and leave a field - which potentially could be 20-30 times on a busy day carting corn or spraying. We have solved this by developing a GPS tracking system that will do all the tracking automatically with no human interaction. Once the tracker starts tracking, all hours will be allocated to each relevant field. The complete picture will be revealed once the crop season has ended, but you can, of course, follow the progress live during the season.

Track all working hours in the field_image

What about transport time to and from the field

One of the hidden costs to a field is the transport time to and from the field. We all know the importance of this cost, but allocating it correctly is impossible without the help of our transport algorithm. By using our tracking devices, we have the necessary data to calculate what fields the transport cost should be allocated to. Only working in one field is easy to calculate, but working in multiple fields makes the calculation impossible without the help of our algorithm.

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