Time tracking

Requirements for time tracking vary from company to company and depend heavily on the company culture and industry requirements. To meet as many needs as possible, we make it possible to select if you prefer to use our live or manual trackers. Furthermore, you can customise the timers to match individual task types.

Real-time time tracking

Using the real-time time tracker will increase the quality of the tracked data compared to manual entries due to employees being more thoughtful and accurate when using live trackers. We, as individuals, usually tend to underestimate our work hours and believe that hours rounded up or down for a single task might not make a huge difference. However, adding up those minutes across the year can mean a lot when invoicing clients or submitting payroll hours.

Besides accuracy, real-time tracking lets you see what people are doing right now, allowing you to make management decisions without calling every employee to learn about their whereabouts.

With real-time tracking, there is the possibility that one might forget to change the activity from “Preparation” to “Effective Time”. In a busy workday, mistakes can happen, and we, therefore, allow the users to go back and edit already recorded hours if needed.

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Manual time tracking

Switching from pen and paper to digital time tracking can, for some, be a big step, and in some cases, it can be easier to onboard all employees if they start using our manual time tracking.

This will allow the employee to record working hours at the end of a task or before going home - or whenever applicable.

GPS time tracking

Using an app to track machine hours inside and outside a field is very demanding, and the likelihood of human errors is very high. In that case, we recommend using our GPS time tracking system. With this setup, you will have a tracking device on all vehicles and implements.

Adding machine learning to the tracked hours, we can determine how much time every machine has spent on the road, in the field or at idle. Sounds interesting? Get in touch or read more on the feature page dedicated to GPS tracking.


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