Machine statistics

What is the right type and size of machine for your needs? Besides the love of dark green or light blue, that should be the question you must ask yourself when evaluating existing and potential new investments. To answer the question, you need to know what and how much capacity you need, to run your business as smooth as possible. To do so, you need to track the hours you use your machinery and calculate the cost per hour or hectare.

Automated machine analysis by tracking hardware

Let us do all the data collection and analysis. Simply order our plug-and-play tracking hardware, and from the second it is connected to the machine, we will start capturing every single movement of the machine and return the machine analytics to you.

Automated machine analysis by tracking hardware_image

Manual machine analysis by mobile app

Using the app to track the work you are doing, you might as well tell the app what or which machines you are using to do the specific job. Doing so, you will automatically add the working hours to the machines as well. Working hours and machine hours might not always match, which is why you at any time can edit the machine hours once you finish a task. Using the app is less accurate and more time-consuming for the individual operator compared to installing our GPS tracking device.

Maintenance and service statistic

Maintenance and service are, of course, a big part of how profitable a machine is. The only way to know if a machine has had maintenance is to simply type it in using the Task app.

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