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Groundwork contractors can vary a lot in size and shape, some specialising in a few machines or concepts and others offering the whole package. Some projects might be done in a day, and others might take weeks or even months - and switching between projects is common. To avoid misunderstandings and wasted time, coordinating the workforce and knowing how things are progressing is essential.

Working with heavy machinery, the cost per hour varies a lot if the operator is working in or outside the machine. Making that switch is important for the office to know in order to calculate the exact cost of a completed job. Not only to invoice correctly but also to check if a fixed price on a project proves to be underestimated.

“Since it's all digital, I'll never be worried about overlooking or losing a job sheet again”

Alastair Kalin, Contractor

We give you an all-in-one solution

Having a lot of heavy machinery and equipment, knowing where they are all located is needed - either for coordinating purposes, proof of work or theft protection. To solve this, we offer a plug-and-play GPS solution. Each vehicle will have a tracker connected, and once connected to the battery, it will instantly start tracking. Besides knowing where all the machinery is located live, the playback function will allow you to turn back the clock and see what happened the last 2, 4 or 6 hours or even go back a month or two to revisit a job being performed.

Groundwork can be a dangerous industry to work in, but only if you are not taking precautions. To make a job as safe as possible, we allow the operator to do a safety check before a job begins as well as run a site hazard check.


Health and safety checks

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GPS tracking

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Storage management

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“There are several ways to customize the system, and among other things, we have been pleased with the integration of our invoicing system that has saved us many hours in the office.”

D Thompson, Contractor

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