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It makes no difference if you are a big or small company

As an ag contractor, the size of your company can vary from a few employees to a large two-digit number. No matter the size, you are all facing the same complexity when it comes to getting registrations correct from a completed job: Did the operator remember to report the number of bales, how many hours of the job can be invoiced vs “preparation”, “travelling”, “downtime” and which fields were completed during the job.

And it doesn’t end there. With the increased focus on transparency and safety in the industry, you need proof-of-work and processes that ensure operators are safe while working and that timely equipment maintenance is carried out. Once the operators have done their part to register the daily work, next up is the office. Not having a digital system will equal mountains of paper sheets and invoices pending to be shipped - and we all know how ineffective that process is.

“FarmBackup has allowed our business to be so efficient! We were using paperwork prior to FarmBackup, and were finding errors, from jobs not being invoiced to paperwork not being filled out correctly.”

Jess Bayliss, Agricultural contractor

Customize the system to fit your needs

We have handled every aspect above and added a little extra on top. And since we can see that ag contractors are constantly searching to optimise, we are continually developing to stay at the top of the class. Our system is highly customisable, allowing you to make the tweaks that fit your business best - we know contractors are very alike, but we also acknowledge the desire to do things differently, e.g. should time tracking be live (register while working) or manual (register at the end of a task) it is totally up to you.

Easy registration from our app is essential but so is how to handle all the submitted job sheets ending up in the office. From hundreds of surveys, we have concluded that the office can cut invoicing hours by 60-70%. And if employees are tracking hours from the first to the last minute of their workday, we also present the number of payroll hours of each employee, including extra hours or overtime work.

Wanting to know where all tractors are located, our GPS tracking system comes in handy. It’s a simple plug-and-play solution. Once the tracker is attached to the tractor's battery, it will instantly send data. From the computer or tablet, you not only see where all machinery is located but using our playback feature, you can go back in time and see how a job was performed either to document proof of work or to see how a job could have been optimised.


Health and safety checks

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Machine statistics

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“FarmBackup has significantly reduced the amount of time spent compiling and creating invoices. The home page for the account user is clear and concise and has many different ways to compile information.”

Nagle Contracting, Agricultural contractor

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