Storage management

The storage management function can be handy in various use cases across different sectors. By using the app to update the storage locations, makes it easy for the employee to add or remove items from each location on the go.


When moving goods, crops, bales etc., from one location to another, you need to know how much you have moved and how that affects your inventory.

Examples: 1. Moving 4 tonnes of winter wheat from field 5-0 to silo 3. 2. Moving 50 big bales from Storage location 1 to client B



Sometimes, you will need to document how much and when you moved an item. We handle this by allowing you to enter pick-up and drop-off times and showing how you got the net weight.

Example: Pick up time 11.23 - drop off time 12.14, net weight = 10.000 kg of silage (13.000 - 3.000).

All the recorded data can be exported to Excel or PDF, and if needed to be invoiced, we sum up all the numbers making the process flawless and fast.

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